The Great Gemeanii

GEMEANII is a highly skilled entertainer... but he's so much more than that! His intense variety performance is a true blend of Sideshow Skills, Magic, and Mentalism. The Great Gemeanii is a master of old-fashioned stage illusions, parlor magic, close-up and stand-up magic, mentalism, the bizarre and the shocking.

He’ll scorch your eyebrows with his breath of fire; Your throat will shrink with sympathy as he swallows unnatural objects of steel and glass. You will cringe as he hammers nails and other items into his own face. Your skin will truly sting in sympathy as you watch him rest on a bed of 4-inch nails.

These truly amazing and, seemingly, impossible skills are the stock in trade of The Great Gemeanii.

Will you be impressed? Will you be repelled?
The correct answer to both is: YES, you will!

See for Yourself

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This stunt is dangerous and potentially fatal!
Do not attempt this stunt without proper training!

To receive a personal warning contact:

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