Gemeanii would like to thank the following supporters
for their invaluable assistance:

Ardon Williamson – Photography and unwavering tolerance
Harley Newman – Training, inspiration and advice
Bill (Muggs) Maloney – Friendship, support, and advice
Mary & Gordon Gemeny – Art and tolerance as I “get all crazy”
Steve Wall – Construction, friendship and tolerance
Todd Wayland – Music and Gemeanii’s Theme
Bill Wysock - Tesla Coil
Robert Randazzo - Neon Tubes

Todd Robbins, The Great Nippulini, Swami Yomahmi,
Brett Loudermilk, Dr. Wilson, Doug Higley
and numerous other members of The Magic Cafe
for their support and camaraderie.

Slim Price, Melvin Burkhart, and all those other old-time Carneys
who set the bar, built the Tip
and showed me the way, personally or otherwise…

And finally,
to all “the others” (who shall remain un-named)
for un-knowingly providing the motivation for me
to “break on through to the other side”
in spite of all the adversity.
You know who you are…

Thank You ALL!
Gemeanii, The Great

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