Descendants of John GEMENY II, (GEMINI, JEMINE)

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DESCENDANTS OF JOHN GEMENY II                                       1
Prepared by: Steven Evans Gemeny 

                           FIRST GENERATION

1.    John[1] Gemeny II[1], son of John Gemeny and Naomi Tewksbury. 
Born, 25 Mar 1791. Died, 8 Feb 1850. 

      He married[1] Matilda Figg, 23 Jun 1816, in Alexandria, VA. 
Born, 23 Dec 1796. Died, 6 May 1876. Burial in Kinsale, Carmlchurch, 
VA. Children:

            i.  Naomi[2] Gemeny. Born, 23 Oct 1817. She married James
                A. Maynard, 1834.      
    2      ii.  John Gemeny 3rd.
    3     iii.  Richard Henry Gemeny.
           iv.  Virginia Cecilia Gemeny.
		 Born,30 Apr 1827. 
    4       v.  Andrew Gemeny.
    5      vi.  Mary Elizabeth Gemeny.
    6     vii.  Benjamin Gemeny.
    7    viii.  Edgar John Gemeny.
           ix.  Amelia Gemeny. Born, 1841. Died, 15 May 1843, in 
                Kinsale, Carmlchurch, VA.

                           SECOND GENERATION

2.    John[2] Gemeny 3rd (John II, 1). Born, 31 May 1823. 

      He married Amelia Summers Balenger, 9 Aug 1858 (?). Children:

            i.  Carie Estelle[3] Gemeny. Born, 16 Jul 1860. 
           ii.  Walter Balenger Gemeny. Born, 21 Apr 1868. Died, 29 
                Aug 1942.

3.    Richard Henry[2] Gemeny (John II, 1). Born, 8 Apr 1825. Died, 7
Feb 1873.

      He married Margaret M. Kesley, 30 Aug 1846. Born, 5 Apr 1824. 

            i.  Marion[3] Gemeny. Born, 22 Jul 1849. 
    8      ii.  Richard Gemeny Jr. 

4.    Andrew[2] Gemeny (John II, 1)[1]. Born, 4 Mar 1829, in 
Alexandria, VA. Died, 13 Apr 1882, in Royal Oak, Talbot MD. Burial in
Swain Farm. Occupation: Carpenter.

      He married Margaret Elnora Denny[1]. Born, 27 May 1837, in 
Royal Oak, Talbot MD. Died, 10 Dec 1929. Children:

    9       i.  Stephen Denny[3] Gemeny.
   10      ii.  Edgar Dean Gemeny.
          iii.  Lillie May Gemeny[1]. Born, Apr 1866, in Royal Oak, 
                Talbot MD. Died, 7 Jun 1867, in Royal Oak, Talbot MD.
           iv.  Wilbur Fisk Gemeny[1]. Born, 14 Mar 1869, in Royal 
                Oak, Talbot MD. Died, 20 Sep 1870, in Royal Oak, 
                Talbot MD.
            v.  Maria Elnora Gemeny[1]. Born, 24 Jan 1875, in Royal 
                Oak, Talbot MD. She married John J. Ferguson[2], 16 
                Apr 1903.

5.    Mary Elizabeth[2] Gemeny (John II, 1). Born, 30 Jun 1832. 

      She married William M. Tschudi, 22 Apr 1852, in Baltimore MD. 

            i.  Elizabeth Clem[3] Tschudi. Born, 14 Mar 1854, in 
                Baltimore MD.

6.    Benjamin[2] Gemeny (John II, 1). Born, 4 May 1835. 

      He married Mary E. Roberts, 1 Nov 1855, in Baltimore MD. Born, 
10 Mar 1836. Died, 10 Jan 1937. Children:

   11       i.  Henry Millard[3] Gemeny.
           ii.  Wilbur Gemeny. Born, 1858. Died, 1863.      
          iii.  Minnie Gemeny. Born, 1861. Died, 1863.      
   12      iv.  Bessy Gemeny.

7.    Edgar John[2] Gemeny (John II, 1). Born, 4 Jun 1839. 

      He married Carrie V. Courtney, 1 Jan 1868. Children:

   13       i.  William (Willie) John[3] Gemeny.
           ii.  Edgar Howard Gemeny. Born, 5 Feb 1872. 
          iii.  Elizabeth Matilda Gemeny. Born, 7 Oct 1874. 
   14      iv.  Ernest Archie Gemeny.
   15       v.  Beatrice Courtney Gemeny.
           vi.  Richard Andrew Gemeny.

                         THIRD GENERATION

8.    Richard[3] Gemeny Jr. (Richard Henry, 3).

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Melvin[4] Gemeny.
           ii.  Roy Gemeny.
          iii.  Harold Gemeny.
   16      iv.  Richard Gemeny.

9.    Stephen Denny[3] Gemeny (Andrew, 4)[1]. Born, 19 Oct 1859, in 
Royal Oak, Talbot MD.

      He married Annie L. Grace, 4 May 1892. Children:

   17       i.  William Andrew[4] Gemeny.

10.   Edgar Dean[3] Gemeny (Andrew, 4). Born, 12 Jan 1863, in 
Kinsale, Carmlchurch, VA. Died, 25 Sep 1939, in Washington, D.C. 
Occupation: Carpenter.

      He married Eva Ferguson, 30 Mar 1893, in Baltimore MD. Born, 23
Sep 1869. Died, 3 Jan 1936. Children:

   18       i.  Esther[4] Gemeny.
   19      ii.  Andrew Gemeny.
   20     iii.  Edgar Denny Gemeny.
   21      iv.  Eva Gemeny.
   22       v.  Ferguson Gemeny.
           vi.  Ruth Gemeny. Born, 4 Jun 1910, in Prince Georges, MD.
                Died, 22 Jul 1910, in Prince Georges, MD. Burial in 
                Emanuel church, Baden, Prince Georges, MD.

11.   Henry Millard[3] Gemeny (Benjamin, 6). Born, 6 Nov 1856. Died, 

      He married Emma Blades, 1878 (?). Born, 16 Jul 1860. Died, 12 
Feb 1933. Children:

   23       i.  Ethelyn[4] Gemeny.
           ii.  Millard Gemeny. He married Grace.
   24     iii.  Blaine Benjamin Gemeny.
   25      iv.  Lois Gemeny.
   26       v.  Chauncey Gemeny.
   27      vi.  Ada Gemeny.
   28     vii.  Rawlinson Yerburgh Gemeny.

12.   Bessy[3] Gemeny (Benjamin, 6). Born in Junction City KS.

      She married Wadleigh in Portland MA. Children:

   29       i.  Clarence[4] Wadleigh.
   30      ii.  Bert Wadleigh.

13.   William (Willie) John[3] Gemeny (Edgar John, 7). Born, 24 Sep 

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Clyde[4] Gemeny.
   31      ii.  Harold Gemeny.
          iii.  William Gemeny.
           iv.  Sherwood Gemeny.
            v.  Beulah Gemeny. She married ? Thayer.
   32      vi.  Bernice Gemeny.
          vii.  Isma Gemeny.

14.   Ernest Archie[3] Gemeny (Edgar John, 7). Born, 1 Oct 1877. 

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Frank C.[4] Gemeny.

15.   Beatrice Courtney[3] Gemeny (Edgar John, 7). Born, 19 Sep 1881. 

      She married ? Leighton. Children:

            i.  Edgar[4] Leighton.
           ii.  Howard Leighton.

                         FOURTH GENERATION

16.   Richard[4] Gemeny (Richard Jr., 8).

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Alma[5] Gemeny.
           ii.  ?` Gemeny.
          iii.  ? Gemeny.

17.   William Andrew[4] Gemeny (Stephen Denny, 9). Born, 23 Feb 1896.
Died, 1960.      

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

   33       i.  William Denny[5] Gemeny.
   34      ii.  Harry Gemeny.
          iii.  Elizabeth Gemeny. Born, 1923.      
   35      iv.  John D. Gemeny.

18.   Esther[4] Gemeny (Edgar Dean, 10). Born, 17 Mar 1894, in Royal 
Oak, Talbot MD.

      She married George Edward Richards, 9 Dec 1913, in emmanuel 
Church, Prince Georges, MD. Born, 7 Nov 1889, in Westwood, Prince 
Georges, MD. Children:

   36       i.  Ruth[5] Richards.
   37      ii.  Dorothy Richards.
   38     iii.  Fae Richards.
   39      iv.  Donald Edward Richards.

19.   Andrew[4] Gemeny (Edgar Dean, 10). Born, 16 Nov 1896. Died, 30 
Mar 1989.

      He married, first, Myrtelle Gordon, daughter of William W. 
Gordon and Mary Esther Mayes, 18 May 1929, in Protestant, Episcopal, 
Church New York. Born, 13 Dec 1896. Died, 23 Jul 1967. Children:

   40       i.  William Gordon[5] Gemeny.

      He married, second, Lucy Pittman, Nov 1967. Died, 11 Mar 1995, 
in Brandywine MD. Lucy was well known for her Green Tomato Pickles 
made from the following receipt: 
      1 Gallon of Green Tomatoes (16 cups sliced) 
      1/4 cup of Salt 
      1/2 Tbl Spoon of powerder Alum 
      3 cups Vineger (5% acidity) 
      1 cup water 
      4 cups sugar 
      1 Tbl Spoon mixed pickle spices 
      1 Tbl Spoon Celery Seed 
      1 Tbl Spoonn mustard Seed 
      1/2 Tea Spoon Cinnamon 
      1/2 Tea Spoon Allspice Slice Tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and 
allow to stand over night. Next morning, drain, pour 2 Quarts of 
boiling water with powder alum over the Tomatoes and let stand 20 
minutes. Drain and cover with cold water and drain again. Combine 
Vinager, water and sugar; tie cinnamon, celery seed, allspice and 
mustard seed in a cloth bag and add to solution. Bring mixture to 
boil and pour over Tomatoes. Let stand over night. Drain solution and
reboil. Pour reboiled solution over the Tomatoes and let stand over 
night. On the third morning, boil complete mix (tomatoes and 
solution) to a boil and place immediatly into sterial containers. 

20.   Edgar Denny[4] Gemeny (Edgar Dean, 10). Born, 2 May 1899, in 
Prince Georges, MD. Occupation: Minister.

      He married Allie Rue Mangum.   

   41       i.  Audrey N.[5] Gemeny.
   42      ii.  Eva Francis Gemeny.
          iii.  Edgar Dean Gemeny.
   43      iv.  John Graham Gemeny.

21.   Eva[4] Gemeny (Edgar Dean, 10). Born, 1 Mar 1903, in Prince 
Georges, MD. Died, 6 Jul 1974, in Bethesda MD.

      She married Raymond Wilkins Murray. Born, 12 Dec 1901, in 
Wasnington, D.C. Died, 5 Dec 1987, in Bethesda MD. Children:

   44       i.  Barbara[5] Murray.
   45      ii.  Raymond Wilkins Murray Jr. 

22.   Ferguson[4] Gemeny (Edgar Dean, 10). Born, 8 Mar 1909, in 
Prince Georges, MD. Residence in Breesy Point, Calvert, MD[3]. 
Occupation: Florist.

      He married Lena Julia Mason, 4 Oct 1934. Born, 4 Oct 1913. 
Died August 22, 1998 in Breesy Point, Calvert, MD. 
The Mason Page (Number 63)


   46       i.  Ferguson (Scoofer)[5] Gemeny Jr. 
   47      ii.  Carol Ann Gemeny.
   48     iii.  Robert Neal Gemeny.

23.   Ethelyn[4] Gemeny (Henry Millard, 11).

      She married Clyde Moses. Children:

   49       i.  George[5] Moses.

24.   Blaine Benjamin[4] Gemeny (Henry Millard, 11). Born, 1890. 
Died, 1976.      

      He married Josephine Holt, 8 Oct 1921. Born, 1901. Died, 1977. 

   50       i.  Blaine Benjamin[5] Gemeny Jr. 
   51      ii.  Amy Gemeny.
          iii.  Robert M. Gemeny. Born, 1924. Died, 1940.      
   52      iv.  Ada Gemeny.

25.   Lois[4] Gemeny (Henry Millard, 11).

      She married Clyde Moses. Children:

   53       i.  Everett[5] Moses.

26.   Chauncey[4] Gemeny (Henry Millard, 11).

      He married Clarissa Lucille Coyte, Born  6/10/1900, Died 1961   
            i.  Clarissa Lois [5] Gemeny. Born June 9, 1922, Died May 22, 2012
                Residence in Dundee IL[4]. 
                She married Jack Welby Weidner b. 3/11/1920 Died 1995   Children:
                  - Molly Margaret Weidner  b. 11/11/1945
                  - Michael James Weidner  b. 9/6/1947
                  - Stephanie Ann Weidner   b. 9/1/1953
           ii. Marjorie Lucille Gemeny, Born  12/7/1924(~)
               She married Marlin "Speck" Petersen   Children:
                  - James F. Petersen
                  - Marsha G. Petersen
                  - Chris Petersen 

27.   Ada[4] Gemeny (Henry Millard, 11).

      She married Charles Parker. Children:

            i.  Lloyd[5] Parker.
           ii.  Donald Parker.

28.   Rawlinson Yerburgh[4] Gemeny (Henry Millard, 11). Born, 5 Sep 
      He married Irene Dolan, Sep 1921. Children:

   54       i.  Virginia[5] Gemeny.
   55      ii.  Mary Gemeny.

29.   Clarence[4] Wadleigh. Born in Portland MA.

      He married Cornelia. Children:

            i.  Ruth[5] Wadleigh. Born, 1926 (??).
           ii.  Mary Wadleigh. Born, 1928 (??).
          iii.  Clarence Wadleigh Jr. Born, 1930 (??).

30.   Bert[4] Wadleigh. Born in Portland MA.

      He married Maude in Portland MA. Children:

            i.  Robert[5] Wadleigh. Born, 1923 (??).

31.   Harold[4] Gemeny (William (Willie) John, 13).

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Edgar[5] Gemeny.
           ii.  William Gemeny.
          iii.  Donald Gemeny.
           iv.  Sherwood Gemeny.
            v.  Harold Gemeny Jr. 

32.   Bernice[4] Gemeny (William (Willie) John, 13).

      She married ? Bell. Children:

            i.  Carol[5] Bell.
           ii.  Ronald Bell.

                         FIFTH GENERATION

33.   William Denny[5] Gemeny (William Andrew, 17).

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Stephen[6] Gemeny.
           ii.  Denny Gemeny.

34.   Harry[5] Gemeny (William Andrew, 17).

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Sharon[6] Gemeny.
           ii.  Susan Gemeny.
          iii.  Andrew Gemeny.

35.   John D.[5] Gemeny (William Andrew, 17). Born, 1929.      

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  John D.[6] Gemeny Jr. Born, 1950.      
           ii.  Sandra Gemeny. Born, 1956.      

36.   Ruth[5] Richards. Born, 12 Sep 1914, in Townshend, Prince 
Georges, MD.

      She married Bernard Lee Seger, 9 Dec 1939, in Westwood, MD. 
Born, 27 Jan 1916. Children:

            i.  Juanita[6] Seger. Born, 3 Mar 1942, in Washington, 
           ii.  Audrey Lee Seger. Born, 18 Apr 1943, in Wasnington, 
          iii.  Barbara Ann Seger. Born, 16 May 1947, in Washington, 
           iv.  Lewis Edward Seger. Born, 19 Nov 1949, in Washington,

37.   Dorothy[5] Richards. Born, 28 Sep 1914, in Townshend, Prince 
Georges, MD.

      She married Harry L. Watson, 11 Sep 1937, in Westwood, MD. 
Born, 30 Apr 1907. Children:

            i.  Harry Oswald[6] Watson. Born, 26 Jun 1938, in 
                Washington, D.C.
           ii.  Dorothy Ann Watson. Born, 14 Nov 1939, in Washington,
          iii.  Raymond Dean Watson. Born, 12 Aug 1943, in 
                Washington, D.C.
           iv.  Richard Lee Watson. Born, 3 Oct 1945, in Wasnington, 
            v.  Mary Lou Watson. Born, 10 Feb 1948, in Washington, 

38.   Fae[5] Richards. Born, 24 Feb 1924, in Westwood, MD.

      She married James Clareuce Walton, 29 May 1941, in Cheverly, 
Prince Georges, MD. Born, 8 Sep 1916, in Red Lion, DE. Children:

            i.  Darlene Marie[6] Walton. Born, 21 Jul 1943, in 
                Washington, D.C.
           ii.  Phyllis Jeanette Walton. Born, 1 Aug 1946, in 
                Washington, D.C.
          iii.  Linda Irene Walton. Born, 12 Aug 1947, in Washington,
           iv.  Ina Fae Walton. Born, 25 May 1950, in Washington, 

39.   Donald Edward[5] Richards. Born, 21 Dec 1928, in Westwood, MD.

      He married Evelyn. Children:

            i.  Donna[6] Richards. Born, 1955 (??).
           ii.  Karen Richards. Born, 1958 (??).
          iii.  Keven Richards. Born, 1963 (??).

40.   William Gordon[5] Gemeny (Andrew, 19). Born, 5 Jan 1930, in 
Washington, D.C. Residence in Dowell, Calvert, MD[5]. Occupation: 

      He married Mary Amelia Sanderson, daughter of Albert Evans 
Sanderson and Flora Esther Burgess, 7 Nov 1953. Born, 27 Feb 1933, in
Greensboro, NC. Residence in Dowell, Calvert, MD[6]. Occupation: 
Homemaker. Children:

   56       i.  Steven Evans[6] Gemeny.
           ii.  Michael Wayne Gemeny. Born, 11 Aug 1958, in Takoma 
                Park, Prince Georges, MD. Residence in Hyattsville, 
                Prince Georges, MD[7]. Occupation: Engineer,Owner.
   57     iii.  Amelia Gordon Gemeny.

41.   Audrey N.[5] Gemeny (Edgar Denny, 20).

      She married Kenith Smith. Children:

            i.  Sharon[6] Smith.
           ii.  Denny Smith.
          iii.  Beth Smith.
           iv.  Joyce Smith.
            v.  Wendy Smith.

42.   Eva Francis[5] Gemeny (Edgar Denny, 20).

      She married ? Jackson. Children:

            i.  Whit[6] Jackson.
           ii.  Eva D. Jackson.
          iii.  Lisa Jackson.

43.   John Graham[5] Gemeny (Edgar Denny, 20).

      He married Erma. Children:

            i.  Geri S.[6] Gemeny.
           ii.  Joni L. Gemeny.

44.   Barbara[5] Murray. Born, 22 Oct 1931. Died, 1984.      

      She married an unknown man. Children:

            i.  Dootie [6].
           ii.  Susie.

45.   Raymond Wilkins[5] Murray Jr. Born, 7 Mar 1934, in Wasnington, 
D.C. Occupation: Sales.

      He married Jean Doherty, 27 May 1961, in Arlington,VA. Born, 2 
Nov 1937, in Washington, D.C. Children:

            i.  Raymond Wilkins[6] Murray III. Born, 13 Feb 1962, in 
                Arlington,VA. Occupation: Sales. He married Patsy 
                Sowers, 16 Jun 1993. 
   58      ii.  Jill Murray.
   59     iii.  Kelly Jean Murray.
           iv.  Christopher Doherty Murray. Born, 21 Jun 1970. 
                Occupation: Sales.

46.   Ferguson (Scoofer)[5] Gemeny Jr. (Ferguson, 22). Born, 1 Mar 

      He married, first, Patricia Ann Johnson, 1954. Divorce, 1979. 

            i.  Daniel Ferguson[6] Gemeny. Born, 1956. Residence in 
                Yorba Linda, CA[8].
           ii.  Donald V. Gemeny. Born, 1958.      
          iii.  David Gemeny. Born, 1964.      
           iv.  Terri Lee Gemeny. Born, 1966.      

      He married, second, Deborah Volte, 1979. Children:

            v.  Alicia Gemeny.

47.   Carol Ann[5] Gemeny (Ferguson, 22). Born, 1937.      

      She married David William Scott, 1958. Children:

            i.  Douglas[6] Scott.
           ii.  Kevin Chase Scott.
          iii.  Beth Ann Scott.

48.   Robert Neal[5] Gemeny (Ferguson, 22). Born, 1939.      

      He married, first, Zella Pfeil, 1964. Divorce, 1975. Children:

            i.  Susan Louise[6] Gemeny. Born, 1966.      
           ii.  Robert Neal Gemeny Jr. Born, 1969.      

      He married, second, Pauline Osinsky, 1976.      

49.   George[5] Moses.

      He married Helen. Children:

            i.  Helen Lorraine[6] Moses. She married Joseph Campbell.
           ii.  Janice (Cissie) Moses. She married Scott.

50.   Blaine Benjamin[5] Gemeny Jr. (Blaine Benjamin, 24). Born, 25 
Sep 1922. Residence in Arlington Heigh, IL[9].

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

   60       i.  Vonette[6] Gemeny.
   61      ii.  Casey August Gemeny.
   62     iii.  Robert Millard Gemeny.
   63      iv.  Polly Autumn Gemeny.

51.   Amy[5] Gemeny (Blaine Benjamin, 24). Born, 25 Oct 1923. 
Residence in Seminole Fl[10].

      She married Donald Arthur (Pat) Fry. Children:

            i.  Donald Arthur (Mike)[6] Fry Jr. Born, Jan 
                1949. Residence in Chicago IL[11].
   64      ii.  Debra Ann Fry.
   65     iii.  Charles R. Fry.
           iv.  Kimberly Holt Fry. Born, 1958.      

52.   Ada[5] Gemeny (Blaine Benjamin, 24). Born, 4 Mar 1926. 
Residence in Sierra Vista AZ[12].

      She married George Brigman. Children:

   66       i.  Amy Jo[6] Brigman.
           ii.  George Henry Brigman Jr. Born, 14 Nov 1959. Residence
                in Tyler TX[13].
          iii.  James Gemeny Brigman. Born, 9 Jul 1965. Residence in 
                Brighton MA[14].

53.   Everett[5] Moses.

      He married Margaret. Children:

            i.  Margot Lynne[6] Moses. Born, 1939.      
           ii.  Lois Catherine Moses. Born, 1941.      
          iii.  Marilyn Moses. Born, 1944.      
           iv.  Robert Everett Moses. Born, 1946.      
            v.  Mary Sue Moses. Born, 1952.      

54.   Virginia Irene[5] Gemeny (Rawlinson Yerburgh, 28). Born, 1924.      

      She married Deane Davis. Children:

            i.  Bonnie Deane[6] Davis. Born, 1945.      
           ii.  George Rawlinson Davis. Born, 1951.      
          iii.  Adrienne Samantha Davis. Born, 1957.      

55.   Mary Emma[5] Gemeny (Rawlinson Yerburgh, 28). Born, 1930.      
      She married Jack Kelso. Children:

            i.  Colett Ann[6] Kelso. Born, 1954.      
           ii.  William Kelso. Born, 1962.      

                           SIXTH GENERATION

56.   Steven Evans[6] Gemeny (William Gordon, 40). Born, 23 Sep 1955,
in Wasnington, D.C. Residence in Gaithersburg, Montgomery, MD[15]. 
Occupation: Engineer,Sales.

      He married Donna Joyce King, daughter of Henry Newton King Jr. 
and Dolores Elizabeth Dougherty, 29 Jul 1978, in College Park, Prince
Georges, MD. Engaged: Dec 1977, in Univ. of MD, College Park, Prince 
Georges, MD. Born, 3 Apr 1956, in Baltimore, MD. Residence in 
Gaithersburg, Montgomery, MD. Occupation: Insurance-agent. Children:

            i.  Sara Elizabeth[7] Gemeny. Born, 21 Mar 1985, in 
                Silver Spring, Montgomery, MD. Residence in 
                Gaithersburg, Montgomery, MD.
           ii.  Kaitlyn Ann Gemeny. Born, 3 Apr 1988, in Silver 
                Spring, Montgomery, MD. Residence in Gaithersburg, 
                Montgomery, MD.
          iii.  Andrew Gordon Gemeny. Born, 24 Apr 1990, in Olney, 
                Montgomery, MD. Residence in Gaithersburg, 
                Montgomery, MD.

57.   Amelia Gordon[6] Gemeny (William Gordon, 40). Born, 21 Jul 
1965, in Silver Spring, Montgomery, MD. Residence in College Park, 
Prince Georges, MD[16]. Occupation: Homemaker.

      She married Frederick Anthony (Ted) Gload, son of Robert 
Frederick Gload and Dolores Nancy Dipersico, 10 May 1986, in 
Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., MD. Engaged: 24 Dec 1984, in College 
Park, Prince Georges, MD. Born, 17 Jul 1959, in Plattsburgh, Clinton 
Co., NY. Residence in College Park, Prince Georges, MD. Children:

            i.  Colin Frederick[7] Gload. Born, 24 May 1989, in Rapid
                City, Pennington Co., SD. Residence in College Park, 
                Prince Georges, MD.
           ii.  Taylor Alexander Gload. Born, 14 Nov 1991, in Silver 
                Spring, Montgomery, MD. Residence in College Park, 
                Prince Georges, MD.

58.   Jill[6] Murray (Raymond Wilkins Jr., 45). Born, 18 Nov 1963. 
Occupation: Sales.

      She married Michael Vincent Scanlon, 19 Sep 1992. Born, 15 Aug 
1963. Children:

            i.  Michael Vincent[7] Scanlon Jr. Born, 26 Apr 1994. 

59.   Kelly Jean[6] Murray (Raymond Wilkins Jr., 45). Born, 21 Feb 

      She married Jeffrey Lynn Wheeler, 7 Jun 1985. Born, 16 Nov 
1965. Occupation: CoastGard. Children:

            i.  Kasey Jean[7] Wheeler. Born, 7 Dec 1987. 
           ii.  Kiley Rae Wheeler. Born, 19 Jun 1990. 

60.   Vonette[6] Gemeny (Blaine Benjamin Jr., 50). Born, 1946. 
Residence in Elgin IL[17].

      She married Franklin. Children:

            i.  Jill[7] Franklin. Born, 1968.      
           ii.  Lisa Franklin. Born, 1970.      

61.   Casey August[6] Gemeny (Blaine Benjamin Jr., 50). Born, 1948. 
Residence in California.

      He married Carol Lillian . Children:

            i.  Casey August[7] Gemeny Jr. Born, 7 Nov 1969. 
                Residence in Naperville IL[18].
           ii.  Blaine Benjamin Gemeny III. Born, 1972. Residence in 
                Naperville IL[19].
          iii.  Anthony James Gemeny. Born, 6 Oct 1979. Residence in 
                St. Charles IL[20].

62.   Robert Millard[6] Gemeny (Blaine Benjamin Jr., 50). Born, 1950.
Residence in Sterling, IL[21].

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Aaron Edward[7] Gemeny. Born, 15 Jan 1977. 
           ii.  Lauren Elizabeth Gemeny. Born, 13 Mar 1980. 
          iii.  Alissa Ann Gemeny. Born, 30 Aug 1981. 
           iv.  Lindsay Ellen Gemeny. Born, 30 Aug 1981. 

63.   Polly Autumn[6] Gemeny (Blaine Benjamin Jr., 50). Born, 1954. 
Residence in Remond WA[22].

      She married George. Children:

            i.  Graeme August[7] George. Born, 5 Nov 1981. 
           ii.  Garrett Douglas George. Born, 5 Sep 1984. 

64.   Debra Ann[6] Fry. Born, Jan 1953. Residence in Touson AZ[23].

      She married Acklin. Children:

            i.  Arden[7] Acklin. Born, Mar 1980.  

65.   Charles R.[6] Fry. Born, 1955. Residence in Arkansas City 

      He married an unknown woman. Children:

            i.  Jaymes Corkyn[7] Fry. Born, 29 Mar 1986. 

66.   Amy Jo[6] Brigman. Born, 15 Feb 1958. Residence in Stafford 

      She married Donald Eugene Gelstrap. Children:

            i.  Donald Eugene[7] Gilstrap Jr. Born, 20 Jan 1987. 
           ii.  Julie Anne Gilstrap. Born, 18 Mar 1990. 

                         NOTES AND REFERENCES

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  [2]Descendants of my Great-Grandparen by Laura Wildhide Johnston.

  [3]Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson Gemeny, 3412 Hillside Pl., Chesapeake 
     Beach, MD 20.

  [4]Mrs. Lois Gemeny Weidner, 125 Hiltop Lane R.R.1, Dundee, IL 

  [5]Mr. W. Gordon Gemeny, Box 163, Dowell, MD 20629.

  [6]Mrs. Mary S. Gemeny, Box 163, Dowell, MD 20629.

  [7]Mr. Michael Gemeny, 6104 42nd Place, Hyattsvill MD 20781.

  [8]Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gemeny, 5582 Brook Hill Dr., Yorba Linda, CA

  [9]Mr. Blaine Gemeny Jr., 1314 S. New Wilke Rd. #21, Arlington 
     Heights, IL.

 [10]Mrs. Amy Gemeny Fry, 11174 57th Ave. North, Seminole, FL 34642.

 [11]Mr. Mike Fry, 1350 North Shore Dr. Apt 1802, Chicago, IL 60610.

 [12]Mrs. Ada Gemeny Brigman, 4221-C Plaza Oro Loma, Sierra Vista, AZ

 [13]Mr. George Henry Brigman Jr., 112 East 4th Street, Tyler, TX 

 [14]Mr. James Gemeny Brigman, 14-16 Portsmouth, Unit F, Brighton, MA

 [15]Mr. Steven Gemeny, 19926 Silverfield Dr., Montgomery Village, MD 20886.

 [16]Mrs Amelia Gload, 4611 Amherst Rd., College Park, MD 20740.

 [17]Mrs. Vonette Gemeny Franklin, 159 Brookside Dr., Elgin, IL 

 [18]Casey August Gemeny, 30 W065 Vista Cir., Naperville, IL 60175.

 [19]Blaine B. Gemeny, 30 W065 Vista Cir., Naperville, IL 60536.

 [20]Anthony James Gemeny, 41 W630 Fox Bend Cir., St. Charles, IL 

 [21]Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gemeny, 1208 Crestview Rd., Sterling, IL 

 [22]Mrs. Polly Gemeny George, 4308 201st Ave. N.E., Remond, WA 

 [23]Mrs. Debra Fry Acklin, 6241 N. Camino Esquina, Touson, AZ 85718.

 [24]Mr. Charles R. Fry, Rt 3 Box 109, Arkansas City, KA 67005.

 [25]Mrs. Amy-Jo Brigman Gelstrap, 12419 Glen Meadow Dr., Stafford, 
     TX 77477.

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