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Some Background

The Gemeny Family spans nearly 300 years since the original appearance on this continent of North America. Beginning with an Italian, Anthony Gemini, who is believed to have been crew on one of the pilgrim ships in the early 1700s, the family has been traced forward through 10 generations, and back another four to the early 1600s.

Antony (Gemini, Jeminy) Gemeny. Arrived in North America circa 1755. [1]
He married[1] Katherine Richards, 17 Oct 1756, in Salem Mass. 
     i.	 John[2] Gemeny.>
     ii.  Mary Gemeny[2]. Christened, 5 Nov 1769, in Salem Mass.
     iii. Martha Gemeny[2]. Christened, 25 Aug 1771, in Salem Mass. 
          She married Wiliam Larabee, 7 Apr 1790. 
     iv.  Polly Gemeny. She married[2] William Larabee, 4 Jul 1790, in 
          Lynnfield, MA.

Family legend (supported by documented genealogical evidence) credits Antony's daughter-in-law, Naomi (Tewksbury) Gemeny with the changing of the spelling to "preserve the correct pronunciation".

John Gemeny and Naomi (Tewksbury) were married (according to "Vital Records of Salem Marriages, Essex Inst. Pg 545) on July 24, 1790 in Salem Massachusetts. John was employed as a Ship's Master or Captain by the late 1790s (according to "Proof of Ownership for Enrolled Vessels 1796 - 1801" RG 41 Volume 9757). In August 1797 John Gemeny was listed as "Master, The James, a Brig of 147 89/95 tonns belonging to Mark and John Prager, Merchants of Philadelpia" thus establishing (or continuing) a long family connection with the sea.

Every Gemeny in this country, is descendent from John "The Sea Captain" Gemeny.

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[2] Vital Records of Salem, Essex Inst.